Bird Watching.

No Woody Here..


510 Bluebird SS on classic Hayashi Streets..

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On the move

Pixelated Hyperspace


So, I know I haven’t posted in almost a week.  The intention is to post every day, or at the very least every couple days.  However, this week has been full of stress and quite emotional, and I haven’t had the energy or motivation to get on and post something positive.  Now that it’s pretty much dealt with, I’m back!

Some of my best shots, I feel, are the ones I’ve taken as a passenger.  I don’t drive very often, and for this reason my camera is almost always in my hand.  I’ve taken a beautiful picture of a ’60s Camaro at 75mph.  The shot that sold my friend’s classic Volvo was one I was playing around with at 45mph on the way home from work.  This shot I’ve posted was going through a neighborhood while playing with my buddy’s telephoto lens.  There’s something about being able to get a…

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